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Letter From GA Chairman Sean Hannan

6 April 2020

Dear  Greyhound  Community,

We  are  currently facing  unprecedented  times  across  the world  where  each  day  brings  new  challenges for us  all.    No  one can predict  what  our future  will look  like  other than  to recognise that  it will certainly  be different.

As we all  work together as  a collective  greyhound family,  albeit,  a  participant,  a club  or a regulator, our focus  as always  is  on the  health  and  welfare  of our  people  and our  dogs.

We  are  indeed  privileged  to be one of the few  sporting  codes  permitted  to continue  operation.

We  are  allowed  to do so as we are  operating  within  the  new  standards  mandated by the  Government and  the  Chief Health  Officers  from  all Australian jurisdictions  and  in  doing so we can and  will  continue to keep  our  people  not  only safe  and  employed but also  ensure  the  welfare  of our dogs.

The  Greyhounds  Australasia Board,  our Chairs,  CEO’s  and  staff,  and  the  Controlling  Bodies  across

Australia  and  New  Zealand are  acutely  aware  of the  impact  COVID-19  is  having  on our  participants.

We  are  meeting every  week  and  are  in  contact  every  day  as the  situation  unfolds,  working together to find  the  best ways  to support you  and  your dogs  so that we can continue  to deliver the  best greyhound  racing  product  in the  world while  ensuring the safety  and  wellbeing  of us  all.

While the  Federal  Government has announced  support  packages  for small  businesses  and  individuals that  have  been  affected  by the  economic  impact of COVID-19,  the  decisions  regarding  our  industry are  being  made  at  State  and Territory level.

Each  of the  Controlling Bodies  is  in  regular contact  with  their  Ministers to ensure  our  industry situation  is  understood  and that  the  decisions  being  taken  are  informed  and  appropriate.

Each  Controlling Body  has made  operational changes  and  initiated  new track  regulations  and processes  that  must  be adhered  to if we are to continue  racing  throughout this time.   The  way participant groups have  quickly  adapted to the  changes  has  been  a  true  reflection  of what  can be achieved  when  we all  work together.

It  is  likely that  there will be more  changes  required  in  the  coming  weeks  until  the  pandemic  is declared  to be over by the  Government and  your  Controlling  Bodies  will continue  to keep you  as  up to date  as possible.   We request  that  you  remain  engaged  with  all forms of communication  from them.

We  acknowledge the  social  and  mental impacts this  situation  can cause  and  trust  you  will seek support when  you  need  it.  We  are  all  in  this  together, so don’t  hesitate to reach  out to your  local  club or controlling  body.   All the members  of Greyhounds  Australasia are  unified  and  focussed  on delivering the  best outcome for all  our  participants  and  dogs  with  welfare  remaining  our  priority.

On behalf of Greyhounds Australasia, thank  you  for all  that  you  have  done  thus  far  and  all  that  you will continue  to do to ensure  we stay  on track.   With  focus  and  commitment to the  way we  need  to operate through  this disruption  we can ensure  that  the  impact  on you  is  kept to a  minimum  and  that we can  return  to a full industry  operation  as soon  as possible.

For  now,  please  look  after yourselves,  your families  and your dogs.


Sean  Hannan


Greyhounds  Australasia