Club Statement from QGRC Chairman Les Bein on QGRC CEO Position

Following discussions between the QGRC Committee and CEO Luke Gatehouse, we have agreed that the Club will commence the search for a permanent CEO for the Club.

Mr Gatehouse indicated that he believed it was time for a change in leadership at the Club given the continued challenges faced in the amalgamation processes of the Club, and to ensure that enduring governance processes are put in place for transition to The Q.

The Committee acknowledges that eighteen years as a Club CEO is a significant achievement, and we also understand that the past years in relation to the Club amalgamation have been particularly challenging.

The Committee is cognisant of the depth and breadth of Mr Gatehouse’s corporate knowledge of the industry and have come to an agreement with Mr Gatehouse to remain with the Club on a part-time basis for the foreseeable future.

Mr Gatehouse will focus on The Q construction projects, key partner and sponsor relationships, media relations and as major carnival contact point.

Ms Jodie Pagan, General Manager – Business Services will step into the CEO role until the position has been filled.

By undertaking the recruitment and selection process now we will attempt to provide a smooth transition of leadership for the Club.

Les Bein


Queensland Greyhound Racing Club