Queensland Greyhound Racing Club Chief Executive Officer Announcement

The Committee of the Queensland Greyhound Racing Club (QGRC) wishes to advise that Mr Luke Gatehouse has been appointed CEO of the QGRC for a fixed term period of one year to 31 March 2025.

The Committee has made this decision based on:

  1. Continuity of leadership within the Club;
  2. Stability of the Club to ensure that the Club amalgamation processes may be fully implemented;
  3. The level of involvement Mr Gatehouse has had in The Q Project during the last two years.
  4. Taking in consideration the amount of corporate memory and industry knowledge that he possesses in regard to the overall project, the Committee believes the process of the Club’s involvement in The Q should be left in his hands;
  5. The key reason for this decision is stability without disruption.

Les Bein


Queensland Greyhound Racing Club