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Notice To Stakeholders – Changes To Sunday Race Times

8 March 2017

Stakeholders please be advised of major changes to the released starting times for the race meeting on Sunday 12 March 2017, as follows:

Kenneling time will now be from 3.21pm to 4.06pm Queensland time and race times as outlined below.

R1           4.51pm QLD

R2           5.06pm QLD

R3           5.26pm QLD

R4           5.49pm QLD

R5           6.06pm QLD

R6           6.25pm QLD

R7           6.46pm QLD

R8           7.04pm QLD

R9           7.32pm QLD

R10        7.49pm QLD

R11        8.04pm QLD

R12        8.27pm QLD

For further information please contact the Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club on (07) 3862 1744.