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BGRC Stakeholder Information Notice 25 March 2020 – Coronavirus (COVID-19)  

25 March 2020

The Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club (BGRC) wishes to advise stakeholders of further changes to Club operations to comply with new regulations from the Federal Government relevant to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The following changes will take effect immediately until further notice:

  1. Maximum Persons in Kennelling Areas

The Club advises the following maximum number of persons are allowed to be present in the following areas of the kennel facilities at any one time with strict social distancing of 1.5 metres to apply.

  • Kennel Foyer (greyhound weighing area) – Maximum 12 people
  • Swab Room – Maximum 2 people
  • Vet Room – Maximum 2 people
  • Greyhound Kennels – Maximum 10 people
  • Greyhound Wash Bay – Maximum 4 people
  1. New Procedure for Start of Greyhound Events

Following consultation with the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC, the Club advises a new procedure will take place to enter greyhounds into the starting boxes to comply with social distancing measures.

  • Walking to and standing behind starting boxes – participants and officials to display social distancing of 1.5 metres
  • Instead of boxing greyhounds in two (2) lines, this process will be done in four (4) lines
    • First line – Boxes 1 & 5
    • Second line – Boxes 3 & 7
    • Third line – Boxes 2 & 6
    • Fourth line – Boxes 4 & 8

Further instructions around this new process will be communicated to stakeholders by the Starter.

  1. New Procedure for Catching of Greyhounds

Catchers are directed not to congregate near the Harness Drivers Room/TVs/Photo Room.

Catchers will need to be in the general vicinity and will be called onto the track by a member of the BGRC staff.

No communal catching leads will be provided.

Catchers will be assembled in the grass/concreted area near the 395m boxes, no closer than 1.5 metres apart, trainers will enter catching pen individually

Catchers must walk to and from the assembly area following the recommended social distancing guidelines.

Along with all the above measures, the BGRC advises recent advice from the Federal Government on social distancing of 1.5 metres between individuals in all areas of the facility will be strictly enforced by QRIC stewards and Club officials.

We thank all stakeholders for their continued understanding during this time as we work together in the best interests of internal stakeholders and the wider community.