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Patron Engagement Program

The Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club wishes to receive constant feedback by engaging with our core stakeholders as part of the Club’s Patron Engagement Program.

The program seeks to collate constructive feedback and data on a various range of topics that make up our business and provide stakeholders with a direct avenue to present their views and receive results.

The Club will set out a charter for each calendar year that outlines a monthly topic for stakeholder consideration and feedback.

Commencing in February 2017, each monthly topic will be presented to stakeholders via an email template from info@brisgreys.com, where stakeholders will be asked to provide feedback on relevant areas relating to the topic being discussed.

All written feedback sent to the BGRC email info@brisgreys.com will be collated, summarised and presented to the respective Club Sub-Committee each month.

A Sub-Committee meeting will be convened prior to each Club board meeting to review, discuss and recommend any action items as a result of stakeholder feedback.

Following review of Sub-Committee recommendations by the Club Board, the board will approve any action item or result from the monthly survey, which will be documented and addressed to all stakeholders via email.

If you have any questions regarding the program please contact either Darren Barbour (Commercial Services Manager) or Zac Bryson (Racing Services Manager) on (07) 3862 1744.

The monthly schedule for 2017 is as follows:

February 2017 Conduct of Public Trials
March 2017 Raceday Programming and Feature Race Calendar
April 2017 Track Preparation and Maintenance
May 2017 Club Membership
June 2017 Food and Beverage Facilities
July 2017 Club Social Media Presence
August 2017 Trialbooker.com
September 2017 Raceday Assistance from Club Staff
October 2017 Feature Race Nights i.e. Entertainment, Theming etc.
November 2017 Club Website Functionality
December 2017 Club Notification Systems for Stakeholder Announcements