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About QGA

Queensland Greyhounds Affiliated (QGA) was created as a direct response by race clubs and industry associations to the live-baiting scandal that has rocked the greyhound racing industry. Participants in the industry have felt marginalised and all tarnished by the actions of those depicted in the four corners story and the subsequent actions and negative publicity that has played out.

The QGA has been formed as the peak-body representing Clubs and Industry Associations to provide a common voice for the entire Queensland Industry. Each Club and Association will retain their individual identity, but now have the strength of unity that has never been witnessed before in the Queensland greyhound racing industry.

Member Bodies

The QGA is comprised of the following clubs and industry associations:

  • Brisbane Greyhounds
  • Bundaberg Greyhounds
  • Cairns Greyhounds
  • Capalaba Greyhounds
  • Ipswich Greyhounds
  • Rockhampton Greyhounds
  • Townsville Greyhounds
  • UQGA

Our Purpose

We are a professional united group whose primary focus is the Queensland Greyhound racing industry’s future. We will lead change to advance the industry with a specific focus on animal welfare. We will achieve this through open and transparent communication with all industry stakeholders.


We are the leading greyhound racing State in Australia


“We Care”

Strategic Priorities

At the 12 June meeting of the QGA, we continued the dialogue between member bodies and continued developing the vision of the greyhound racing industry of the future. The diagram below provides a visual depiction of what that looks like:

At the core of our future is a sustainable industry, with animal welfare as a central component of all planning and decision-making. The component pasts on the outside represent our key priority areas and key challenges. This list may not yet be fully complete. We have depicted this purposely as a pie with two central cores. We need to ensure that we address all pieces of the pie – because addressing one or two in isolation may have impacts on other components. At the core of all of this is sustainability and animal welfare.